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At Dr.Car our intention is to bring you the finest car buying experience possible at the best value available. Then on, to improve the ownership experience via a continual addition to our portfolio of services in related aspects. And conclude by providing an efficient sale outlet when our customers wish to renew the ownership cycle.

Our first launch was in used cars. We have brought to the shores of India a unique first of its kind trading platform where buyers and sellers transact directly with each other. This has been designed keeping the convenience demanded by the consumers of today and with a value proposition that is unbeatable in the market place. Today we are arguably the nation’s largest in used cars.

We have since added on Motor Insurance with a innovative business model that has produced a comprehensive policy at the lowest premium in the country. And finally via our website we have strived to provide to even those who may not be using our platform a portal to a wealth of important information to any owner or prospective buyer. 

Pre-Owned Car Trade Centre

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